Connections Team

Welcome, Encourage and Support Weekend Guests

Connection Team Opportunities:

GREETING (Ministry Leaders: Tommy & Jackie Houck)

Greets those who attend the weekend worship experiences at the entrance and atrium of our facility. Our team ensures that every person who walks through our doors feels welcomed, accepted, and at ease to hear God’s word and experience God’s love. 

THE CONNECT (Ministry Leader: Karen Hemlock)

The Connect involves helping guests and regular attenders with answering questions about upcoming events and ways they can get plugged in at Gateway.

USHER (Ministry Leader: Anthony Williams)

Greets those who attend the weekend worship experience as they arrive in the auditorium. Assists guests to find seats, distribute programs, take offerings and assist throughout the service.

CAFE (Ministry Leader: Barbara Ranck)

Responsible for setting up, maintaining, and cleaning the coffee areas during our weekend experiences. These responsibilities include stocking supplies, brewing coffee/tea, a focus on cleanliness, and keeping an inventory of supplies that are needed to make the cafe function each week. 

PRAYER (Ministry Leader: Twila Ranck)

Prayer team members meet in our prayer room before/after weekend experience to spend time in prayer with requests brought by our church body.

SET UP/TEAR DOWN (Ministry Leader: Jonny Damon)

Prepare the auditorium for the weekend experience by setting up and tearing down chairs.

COMMUNION (Ministry Leader: Andree Levan)

Prepares and cleans up communion elements (bread and juice) for communion services.

Senior Care Ministry (Ministry Leaders: Louann Brubaker/Carrie Smoker)

The Senior Care team offers connections to seniors at Gateway and our community through visits, cards/letters, and outreach events.