Gateway's Music Ministry

Audition Information

Gateway's Worship Arts Ministry - Audition Info

Thanks for your interest in Gateway’s Worship Arts Ministry! We are musicians who seek to be:


First - Followers of Jesus

Second - Ministers (on and off the stage)

Third - Artists


We ask each person that is interested in joining the ministry to look over our Worship Ministry Information, then go through an audition process to help determine whether or not they are the right fit for this ministry.


Here’s what you can expect from the audition process:


  1. A short application - this helps us learn more about your musical background and experience, and helps us prepare for the steps to follow!
  2. References - we do ask for references from people who know you and have served with you in the past.
  3. Meet with the Worship Ministry Leadership - we want to get to know you in person, not just on paper, so we meet with each applicant prior to their audition to ask and answer questions.
  4. The audition! We ask each applicant to perform 2 songs from our current repertoire. We will provide a list of songs and suggested keys. Applicants can choose 1 additional song that they feel would demonstrate their skills, however we do ask that at least 2 songs (one upbeat and one more reflective) be from our repertoire.
  5. A 3-month trial period - if the ministry leaders decide to move forward after your audition, each applicant will complete a 3-month trial period with the team to help the applicant and ministry leaders further determine whether or not this ministry is the right fit.

Please understand that, as we are seeking to find the right fit for our team and for each individual in ministry, there is a possibility of hearing 'no' at any step during this process.


If you are interested in beginning the audition process, please complete the ministry application. 


How are auditions run?

Interested musicians are invited to come and perform their songs for selected members of the Music Ministry Leadership. Depending on your instrument, team members may play along with you. We do record the auditions so that we can reference them afterward, and in case any of our leadership team is not able to make the live audition.


Our leaders may make suggestions during the audition, or ask you to try songs in a different way. This doesn’t mean something was wrong, we just may want to see a different aspect of your ability, or determine how your skill will blend with the current team.


How soon will I hear back after my audition?

We typically take between 1-2 weeks to go over the audition and get back to those who have auditioned. That gives us time to talk as a leadership team, and prayerfully consider each individual who is interested in joining.


Do you have resources available to help me learn songs from your repertoire?

Yes! We can provide you with lyrics, chord sheets, and recordings of songs.


What if my audition doesn’t go well?

We understand that there are many factors that play into how someone auditions: nerves, sickness, or even just an “off” night. If we feel like we’re not able to move forward based on your first audition, we will provide feedback and suggestions and you will have the opportunity to schedule a second audition.