August 10 - November 2nd

GriefShare will run August 10th - November 2nd meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30pm at Gateway Church Parkesburg Campus in The Venue.

GriefShare offers help and encouragement after the death of a loved one. GriefShare is a special weekly seminar and support group designed to help you rebuild your life. We know it hurts, and we want to help.

Questions, contact the church office at or 610-857-0720

Session Topics

Is this Normal?

Grief is disruptive and disorienting. This session will answer questions about the progression of healing. 

Challenges of Grief

Together we will discover some symptoms of grief and how to start working through them.

The Journey of Grief: Part I & 2

In this two-part session we will learn practical tips to make it through the difficult days ahead and discover things you can do to make your grief journey more bearable.

Grief and Your Relationships

We will look at how grief affects your relationships and what you can do about it. 


In this session we are encouraged to bring our toughest questions and emotions to God. He can handle it. 

Guilt & Anger

Together we will learn what to do with regrets, guilt, bitterness, and anger. 

Complicating Factors

In this session we will see how to deal with problems that are complicating our grief.


It’s easy to get stuck along the journey of grief. This session explains how to keep moving on the path to healing. 

Lessons of Grief: Part I & 2

Grief is a great teacher. In this two-part session we will discover what grief is teaching us. 


In this session we’ll get a glimpse of what we can look forward to in heaven. 

What do I live for now?

This session gives practical advice on how to continue moving forward in your grief.