Israel 2021 Study Trip

Updated Trip Information including NEW trip date: February 6 - February 17, 2021

Israel Study Trip Information

Pastor Jon & Kelly would love to be your hosts for a “once in a lifetime” Study Trip to the Holy Land. Due to the worldwide pandemic, after consulting with the team from Christian Travel Study Programs, INC. [CTSP], we are moving ahead with plans, but have made some modifications from the dates announced in 2019. 

CTSP is monitoring international travel very closely, & currently plan to resume Study Trip Tours beginning in October, 2020. This gives us plenty of time to observe how the world will be looking, post-pandemic, as we plan for a February 2021 tour.

Due to potential economic challenges for this type of travel, CTSP suggested that we join forces with one of our sister churches in the Commonwealth, Liberty Grace, of Johnstown, PA. Kelly & I enjoyed meeting Pastor Doug Black, from Liberty Grace, on our initial visit to Israel. We both came home with a passion to RETURN to ISRAEL…with you! There are still plenty of spaces available, and traveling with other brothers & sisters in Jesus…will be a joy. 

SO…here’s the NEW PLAN! February 6-17, 2021, is reserved for the GTWY [Combined with Liberty Grace] Study Trip to Israel! You can read over all the details at:

or through the 3 PDF files posted below. [1. Itinerary for our air travel days, and land tour days once we arrive in Israel. 2. Tour Conditions, with all the FINE PRINT. 3. WHY GO. Encouragement to say YES to Israel 2021!]

Our trip will be led by Dr. Randy Smith, along with seasoned Israeli guides. You will experience a rich study experience, much more than a typical tourist trip. Please read on, through the links and the files below. 

If you attended one of the “ISRAEL TRIP FYI” gatherings in 2019, you met Randy via a brief video. Here is a recent “ONLINE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE” from Grace Bible Church, Sebring, Florida, where you can catch a flavor of Randy’s teaching. Randy recently resigned from the pastoral team at this local church, passing on the torch to others. [Feel free to enjoy the entire experience, or scrub ahead to the 23:56 Minute Mark, and meet hear Pastor Dustin introduce Randy, and share in a timely conversation for our present times.

If you would like to learn more from Randy’s teaching, go to and

SO…what’s NEXT? Well, REGISTRATION for our STUDY TRIP…is OPEN! Between the two church families, there is room for approximately 53 to participate? Will you consider reserving your seat on the international flight to Tel Aviv, and then on the tour bus…to explore the Land of the Bible, the land where Jesus walked, taught, gave His life for us, rose from the grave…and where He will return one day!

Due to the many changes in international travel, the $300.00 DEPOSIT to secure your place on this Study Trip, is non-refundable. [But…CTSP has assured us, if safe travel does not become available in time for our trip, your deposit IS TRANSFERABLE to a future date.] Be sure to read through all the documentation, and consider the recommended option for securing trip insurance. There are several “tiered” options for this insurance. Read carefully, and make this decision within the recommended 2 weeks of your decision to reserve your place on the trip. 

As our group reservations come in, we will schedule INFO meetings, and keep you posted via email of any news! Pastor Jon & Kelly look forward to learning & growing in Jesus together with you next February…in ISRAEL! 

Deposits [$300.00 PP] to reserve your space: OPEN NOW

2nd Payment [$2,000.00 PP] due August 6, 2020

Final Payment due to CTSP due November 6, 2020. 

Please read through the Tour Conditions for details on payments, cancellations, etc.

Click Button to Christian Travel Study Programs below to make initial deposit and payments.

Questions, contact Pastor Jonathan Damon at

1. Itinerary for our air travel days, and land tour days once we arrive in Israel
2. Tour Conditions, with all the FINE PRINT
3. WHY GO. Encouragement to say YES to Israel 2021!