GSM Parent Meeting

February 20, 6:30-8:15

In an ever-changing student & pop culture, you might be wondering what your student is listening to, watching, who is influencing them, what are student trends, etc.? If you are feeling out of touch with your student, feeling helpless to keep up with student culture, or feeling like you don’t know how to engage in relevant conversations, that is completely understandable! You are not alone. Don’t toss in the towel yet. I want to assist in bridging that gap.

On Feb 20 from 6:30-8:15 I would love to invite you into a learning opportunity on how to engage in student culture and Gospel redemptive conversations. This is a gathering for parents/guardians and youth staff. We will be utilizing an Axis training piece and then I will share with you more about Axis and the phenomenal resources they have to offer.

After discussing Axis and student culture, you will get the chance to break out with your student’s small group leader and have a space to connect with them. These small group leaders are devoting weekly time to invest into your students, and they would love to meet and interact with you face to face!

If you are not able to attend physically, would you attend virtually? We will live stream the event on our GSM YouTube Channel!  Then once those in person have split out into small groups, I will hop onto a Zoom call to chat with those who would like! Here is the Zoom Link to the breakout!

At Gateway Student Ministries, it is the greatest delight to serve your student and minister to them each Wednesday. But we also want to partner with you as the parent/guardian as much as possible! Therefore, would you partner with us in prioritizing attending this meeting? That would mean the world to us!

This will be worth your time

Please reach out if you have any questions.